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COVID-19 Through the Eyes of an American Refugee: A Story of Engagement

COVID-19 has shined a bright light on the widening disparities that exist between rural and urban America. These fractures were especially evident in areas such as southwest Kansas, one of most remote and culturally-diverse regions in the United States. The refugees from 30+ countries who worked at the world’s largest beef packing plant were unable to isolate from others at work and home, making them some of the most vulnerable Americans during the spread of the pandemic. Hundreds of these essential workers were infected in same apartment complex. In this session, Ifrah Ahmed – a Somali-Kenyan refugee leader – shares the heroic story of a team’s successful efforts to engage, test, educate, vaccinate her community, offering practical lessons and tools for others to engage in similar work.


Ifrah Ahmed headshot
Ifrah Ahmed, BA, BS, Children’s Mental Health Case Manager, Metro Social Services
Ifrah Ahmed headshot
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