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Digital Paper to Improve Clinical Information Exchange and Experience

Hospitals using Digital Paper signage have saved money while improving workflow efficiency and patient/clinician experience. Brigham & Women’s Hospital shares a case study on using low energy, lightweight Digital Paper virtual whiteboards to improve communication to patients in the emergency department (ED), and to understand the effect of delivering timely information about a patient’s pertinent hospital course to their satisfaction surrounding their ED stay. 

  • Apply Digital Paper solutions in clinical settings to facilitate improved information exchange 

  • Develop the skills to assess patient engagement after a technological intervention 

  • Identify best practices for deploying virtual display screens in Emergency Department settings


Tim O'Malley headshot
Tim O’Malley, AVP, US Business Unit, E Ink Corporation
Michael Schram, Vice President Sales, eVideon
Tim O'Malley headshot
Andrew Marshall, MD, Instructor of Medicine Brigham and Women's Hospital/ Harvard Medical School
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