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From Battlespace To Bedside: A Patient’s Perspective On Leadership Practices To Improve Healthcare Experiences

Patients often say they receive acceptable treatment but don’t connect with their caregivers, leaving them unsatisfied with their overall healthcare experience. Providers can benefit from developing additional leadership skills that enhance the human experience. In the short term, such an experience creates value by improving overall patient satisfaction. In the long term, it improves access to healthcare and reduces costs. 

  • Appreciate the impact of provider-to-patient communications and interactions 

  • Teamwork, Tone, Tenacity”™ … A framework for overcoming adversity 

  • Military leadership best practices that can improve patient satisfaction


Paul Becker headshot
Paul Becker, Rear Admiral US Navy, (Ret); Founder, The Becker T3 Group, and a Stage IV Bone Marrow Cancer Survivor
Paul Becker headshot
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