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From Pandemic Fix to Permanent Fixture: What Have We Learned about Telehealth?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced clinicians to quickly learn, mostly on their own, how to interact with patients remotely via telehealth. To help the whole profession adapt as swiftly as possible to these unprecedented challenges, Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) created a rapid feedback process through which clinicians could share what they were learning in their own experiences and their strategies for making telehealth successful in their practice. 

 MHQP fielded four rapid cycle surveys beginning in July 2000, to better understand clinician experiences with telehealth across a variety of specialties and shared the results to help spread emerging best practices. The rich qualitative responses reveal wide variations in the experiences of healthcare providers across Massachusetts, as clinicians made the dramatic shift to a whole new way of providing care during a rapidly evolving pandemic. Results will be presented on aspects of clinician experiences with telehealth including: 


Adapting to Telehealth 

Health Equity 

Clinician Fatigue

Technological Challenges 

Involvement of the Team 

Time Effectiveness 


Language Barriers



• Understand how differently clinicians experienced and adapted to telehealth 

• Identify inequities in the use of telehealth and how clinicians are addressing these inequities 

• Understand how clinicians view the effectiveness of telehealth visits compared to in-person visits


Barbra Rabson headshot
Barbra G. Rabson, MPH, President & CEO, Massachusetts Health Quality Partners
Barbra Rabson headshot
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