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Uncovering the “Why” Behind Good and Bad Patient Experiences

Learn how Cedars-Sinai improved patient experience in the Emergency Department and developed PX processes that could be rolled out across the organization. Instead of relying solely on CAHPS-based insights, they leveraged the flexibility of real-time engagement. Rotating initiatives allowed the team to understand which aspects of experience had the biggest impact, leading to small, targeted changes with significant results. 

  • Understand how to incorporate real-time engagement into existing processes 

  • Explain the key role of correlation analysis in understanding and confirming patient preferences 

  • Determine what specific aspects of experience are leading to good or bad feedback


Claude Stang
Claude Stang, RN and Nurse Leader, Executive Director of Emergency Services, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
Paul Jaglowski, Founding CEO & Chief Strategy Officer, Feedtrail, Inc.
Claude Stang
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