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ICD Healthcare Network is pleased to announce its inaugural PFAC-tor Awards. The awards will recognize leadership, creativity, and innovation factors in the implementation of patient and family advisory councils or other organizations with the same function.


The awards will be presented during the 7th Annual Patient Experience Symposium in Boston on September 18-20th, 2023.


A distinguished jury of healthcare leaders, patients, and family members will judge the entries covering a number of different PFAC categories.


These will include, but not be limited to:

  • Emergency Departments

  • Cancer Treatment

  • Rehabilitation

  • Pediatrics

  • Mental Health

  • Hospital @ Home

  • A general category for PFAC’s of a more horizontal nature.


The criteria will be broad but some of the key factors will be:

  • Creativity in recruiting and retaining members

  • Innovation-driven as a direct result of PFAC insights and observations

  • Unique ways in which PFAC’s communicate with healthcare executives

  • Leveraging technology to empower PFAC efficacy

  • Inclusion of physicians, clinicians, and staff in the PFAC process

  • High-impact communications programs spawned by PFACs

  • Creativity in a remote PFAC environment

  • Building equity into all aspects of PFAC’s

If you wish to receive more information and be added to the list for submission forms,
please fill out the form below:

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You will receive the official awards forms with all details in early May.

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