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The 7th Annual PX Interactive Pre-Conference Workshops 2023

Please make a note that pre-conference workshops have limited seating so be sure to register early.

Monday, September 18, 2023

8:00 am - Registration Opens

9:00 am - 10:30 am Choose between Two Optional Workshops

Workshop A

Quick Dip Skills: Enhancing Teams by Facilitating Relational Systems

Krista Hirschmann, PhD, Founder, ENHANCE Consulting, LLC

We live amid “systemness” and spend much of our day trying to optimize the competing and evolving dynamics that comprise healthcare. Yet, at the heart of our efforts are relationships with patients, colleagues, and teams, and the work gets done through these relationships. How often do we step back and analyze relational systems with the same deliberate intent of improving patient outcomes and team performance? In this hands-on workshop, participants will “diagnose” a relational system of their choosing and identify who needs to have what conversation with whom.

  • Identify system patterns

  • Describe 3 evidenced-based frameworks that support strengthening relationships for efficient and effective work

  • Identify opportunities and goals with applying relational tools

Workshop B

Data Storytelling Essentials for Patient Experience Leaders Roseanna Galindo, ECBA, CAVS, Principal, Periscope Business Process Analysis

Data storytelling is the art and science of turning data insights into a narrative designed to move an audience to action. Today’s healthcare experience leader is immersed in data points for use in informed and strategic decision making. Data can provide valuable insights into business operations. These insights can be further illuminated through data visualization techniques, such as charts, graphs, and process maps, rendering the information more shareable. Data storytelling evolves from here by intentionally introducing the element of narrative into the design so that the story intended to be told is the one that is heard.

This interactive workshop will provide a hands-on opportunity to develop your data storytelling skills. This session will provide an overview of essential data storytelling principles and guide attendees through a process with which they can begin using actionable takeaways right away.

  • Explain the process for creating effective data stories

  • Apply essential data visualization principles in the creation of data stories

  • Create a data story applicable to their own business objective

11:00 am - 12:30 pm Choose between Two Optional Workshops

Workshop C

Leadership Rounding: Strategy and Quick Skills for Impact & Efficiency

Greta Rosler, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CPXP, Founder and Principal, Radius Leaders

Leader rounding is a requirement in many healthcare organizations, but often healthcare leaders struggle to define this practice and have never received formal training to maximize their time and impact. Without the right skills, leader rounding can feel like a prolonged, futile exercise that yields no change in outcomes for patients or staff. In this short workshop, leaders will learn strategic considerations to ensure rounding produces outcomes, elicit meaningful information with specific phrases, and evaluate the effectiveness of each round in real time.

  • Identify a strategic, evidence-based approach to ensure the sustainment and impact of a leader rounding program within your organization

  • Recognize specific methods which build connection and elicit meaningful information from patients or staff during rounds

  • Practice using rounding phrases that create outcomes and efficiency during leader rounds

Workshop D

Experience Essentials: Delivering Patient Experiences That Engage

Toni Land, MBA, BSN, CPXP, Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Landing Exceptional Experiences

As experience leaders, we must go beyond focusing solely on recommendations and satisfaction for our patients and families. Our aim should be to create engaging experiences that allow patients, families, and communities to become partners with clinicians and the health system.

At this workshop, we'll delve into the concepts of Experience Engagement and explore opportunities to provide experiences that enable patients, families, and communities to become their "best selves". Together we will design and deliver experiences that truly connect with and inspire those we serve.

  • Define Experience Engagement and its impact on health outcomes

  • Review current patient strategies in the context of Experience Engagement

  • Design an Experience Engagement strategy that can be implemented in your organization

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