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Interactive Pre-Conference Workshops


Please make a note that pre-conference workshops have limited seating so be sure to register early


Monday, September 19, 2022

8:00am — Registration Opens

Workshop A - Blown-Up Silos, Maverick Mindsets, and Experience Ecosystems

Shawn Nason, Founder & CEO; Chief Experience Officer, MOFI

Michael Harper, Chief of Radical Experiences, MOFI


Businesses are more than org charts, strategy documents, and mission statements. They’re living, breathing ecosystems filled with people and, let’s be honest, when people are involved, things can get messy.

Instead of normalizing the messiness and frustrations, it’s time to rethink our approach, reimagine our relationships, and redesign our experiences all while doubling down on putting humans in the middle of everything we do. The result? A stronger organization whose people are able to make a profitable, sustainable impact on the world.


Choose Between Workshops B and C


Workshop B - The Complexities of the Cross-Cultural Aspects of the Patient Experience
Frank Cutitta, Graduate Professor of Cross-Cultural Communications, Healthcare Communications, and Healthcare informatics at Northeastern University and The University of New England. Survivor of 100-day COVID hospitalization

The combination of an incredibly diverse patient population along with the cultural nuances of a wide variety of healthcare professionals make for a very complicated workplace environment. While the pandemic highlighted the communications challenges across cultures, the fact is that they have been and will continue to be one of the most important aspects of an optimized patient experience. Technology has been a solution to some of these hurdles, but it has come with some its own intercultural challenges.

This interactive workshop will study variations in patient communications styles and the most common mistakes made by healthcare providers in digital and face-to-face engagements. It will also study the challenges of communicating with family members of various cultures before, during and after the patient stay or visit.

Workshop C - Lessons on Building a Culture of Innovative Patient Empathy and Compassion

One only need to hear the term “compassion fatigue” to know the challenges of providing empathetic care during very challenging times. While most clinicians bring these traits to the profession by design, healthcare leaders must build an ongoing culture of empathy and compassion that is baked into the central nervous system of provider and payer organizations. As AI-driven empathic technologies become more prevalent, the ability to simulate real life emotion on these platforms will become critical to avoid frustration in patient and family engagements.


This interactive workshop led by a leading authority on empathetic care will teach how to create a blueprint for a more compassionate patient experiences during the most troubling times as well “during business as usual.”

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