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Bridging the Gap: The Benefits of Scale in the Transition to Value-Based Care

Virtual Content begins September 23, 2021

Many providers with good intentions have struggled to make the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care (VBC) models. One of the biggest obstacles is scale. Simply put, healthcare organizations achieve better outcomes – and more predictable financial savings – when they have more attributed lives in VBC arrangements. But scale can be difficult for small, independent, and especially rural providers – and achieving scale can present organizations with challenges such as technology implementation and regulatory reporting. One of the other issues is that the system isn’t set up to reward things properly – physicians should get time back or fewer forms to complete if they have higher quality. This session will discuss how payers, hospitals, and providers can work together to achieve scale through a collaborative accountable care organization (ACO) model and reap the benefits of value-based care while maintaining autonomy over their physicians and patients.

  • Create a plan for your own organization to address known gaps 

  • Hear from a former CMS policy expert about the policy levers for value-based care (VBC) and how they adversely impact smaller hospitals and health systems 

  • Identify gaps between providers, hospitals, and payers that still exist and are a barrier to moving value-based care forward 

  • Understand why the scale is both a critical factor and barrier to success for small providers making the transition to VBS from fee for service 

  • Learn how the goals and business objectives of the collaborative accountable care organization (ACO) model position providers to achieve better clinical and financial outcomes 

  • Explore the range of benefits that scale and a collaborative ACO model can bring to practicing physicians and clinical staff, from data and reporting to quality of life


Tim Gronniger

Joshua Hollander, Director Health Solutions, FTI Consulting

Robyn Paulsen, Director of Telehealth, Community, and Business Development at Iowa Specialty Hospitals


Moderator 1

Education Credits Available

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