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Connecting with Teams Using Patient Feedback

Tuesday | September 21, 2021

1:45 PM

The combination of patient feedback and storytelling through micro coaching videos is a tactic used by NRC Health and the University of California Irvine to improve outcomes. Leveraging the power of micro coaching videos as a leadership development tool to harness the power of patient feedback has been a powerful and efficient way to support improvement. In this session learn about how accessible leadership geared content can improve associate and experience outcomes by using a resource everyone has…patient feedback. 

  • Identify how to leverage coaching videos for staff improvement 

  • Learn leadership tactics to improve associate outcomes 

  • Describe how leadership geared content can improve experience outcomes


Christa Peters

Brad Giafaglione, Director of Experience, UC Irvine Health

Moderator 1


Grand Ballroom A

Education Credits Available

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