Creating One Action Plan to Address Patient Experience, Employee Engagement, and Clinician Burnout

Wednesday | September 22, 2021

8:50 AM

It is not uncommon that healthcare organizations request their teams to create siloed/separate action plans to address patient experience, employee engagement, and more recently burnout. Often these plans are tactical in nature, have limited impact, and are not aimed at evolving a culture of trust, respect, and teamwork. The ability to achieve top tier performance in patient experience, employee engagement, and moving from emotional exhaustion (burnout) to emotional thriving (joy) by introducing skills which create trust, respect, and teamwork will be highlighted. Models to diffuse this skills-based experiential learning throughout the organization in a timely and financially responsible way will be reviewed. Overcoming individual and system barriers will also be discussed.&nbsp;</p>

- Understand how culture is connected to creating an optimal patient experience, exceptional employee engagement, and preventing burnout
- Define and understand the critical levers/skills necessary to evolve an optimal experience culture
- Hear successful models at diffusing experiential skills-based learning throughout your healthcare organization
- Discover individual and system barriers to introducing experiential skills-based learning and how to overcome them


William J. Maples, MD

Moderator 1



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