Doc in a Box: Structuring telehealth environments to support high quality patient care

Monday | September 20, 2021

3:50 PM

This interactive session draws on the presenters' expertise in psychology, patient-centered communication, and experience design to present evidence-based best practices for designing effective telehealth environments. The panel will review research on verbal, nonverbal, and environmental cues, including results of a recent study to systematically explore the influence of telehealth background on clinical outcomes. The session concludes by summarizing best practices, resources, and tools for health care professionals conducting telehealth visits.

• Apply research evidence from psychology, communication, and experience design to the telehealth experience
• Design a telehealth environment using evidence-based recommendations
• Integrate verbal and nonverbal communication best-practices into the telehealth environment
• Identify telehealth visits optimized for a number of design principles


Justin Sanders

Danielle Blanch Hartigan, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Bentley University

Moderator 1



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