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Fighting Burnout While Spending More Time with Patients

Virtual Content begins September 23, 2021

It is no secret that our healthcare ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex and patient care suffers as a result. With the increased complexity, clinicians are given the responsibility of accurately capturing their patients' problem/diagnosis, procedure, labs, and medication, so that crucial information is not missed down the line. As the maintenance of accurate and complete patient history data becomes more complex, it is more important than ever that clinical patient data is captured, aggregated, and structured consistently and with enough specificity that clinicians are able to provide informed care efficiently. It is also important to relieve the clinician burnout that is created by unintuitive workflows - now more than ever, we need to help our clinicians deliver care efficiently while also freeing them up to spend time with patients instead of losing time on data entry.

  • Discuss the obstacles and importance of maintaining accurate and complete patient data 

  • Understand the importance of intuitive workflows to reduce clinician burnout 

  • Learn how IMO technologies can help clinicians ultimately deliver improved patient care


Andrew Kanter

Moderator 1

Education Credits Available

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