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Fireside Chat: Being Authentic in a World Full of Chaos

Monday | September 20, 2021

1:35 PM

Experience can be a powerful competitive advantage, but only if your entire experience ecosystem engages the right mindsets and heartsets. And it’s no secret that aligning all of the people, processes, and touchpoints in your ecosystem can feel like herding a bunch of cats during a thunderstorm. From the C-suite to frontline workers, come discover best practices for unifying your entire organization around a patient promise by putting people first. 

  • Articulate a value proposition for experience ecosystem alignment 

  • Explore the pitfalls inherent to experience ecosystem strategy and growth 

  • Identify and discuss best practices for shifting transactional cultures to relationship-driven organizations


Michael Harper

Shawn Nason, CEO, Offor Health

Moderator 1


Grand Ballroom A

Education Credits Available

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