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How Dozens of Experts Collaborated to Find a Life-Extending Therapy for One Patient

Tuesday | September 21, 2021

2:30 PM

Prostate cancer patient Bryce Olson hit a wall in searching for his next treatment option and used a novel collaborative effort -- a "hackathon" -- to find his next best treatment option. Brad Power, who organized the effort, will share the story of how Bryce actively engaged in his treatment decisions, worked with leading labs to be molecularly profiled, drove the deep analysis of his data with diagnostics experts and his medical advisors, and fully engaged in tradeoff decisions. 

  • Crowdsourcing: The Bryce Olson collective effort is an open forum with open data and open results, leveraging an online crowd of the smartest cancer researchers, doctors, bioinformaticians, and diagnostic experts -- across institutions 

  • Collapsing silos for better outcomes: Bryce is reaching into cancer research labs, diagnostic companies, and biotech startups to engage the greatest minds in his case 

  • Patient leadership: See how patients can gain by weighing in on what they want among their treatment options, weighing risk, evidence, and potential returns


Brad Power

Moderator 1


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