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Patient No Longer: How Consumerism Holds the Key to Better Experiences

Consumerism was already shaping up as a formidable force in healthcare before the pandemic engrained its principles into everyday life. The radical idea that we must anticipate the needs of our consumers, streamline access to our services, and provide value at every step of the care journey was forced into the mainstream. Post-COVID, our attention shifts to what consumers want next. Now that virtual care is commonplace and price transparency is a national conversation, we’ll explore the consumer perspective on healthcare, the patient experience, and what the future should hold. What matters most to our patients and how can we co-design successful interactions at every level? Join as we explore the brave new world of consumerism meets patient experience. 

  • Discover the main principles powering the consumerism movement in healthcare 

  • Identify consumer expectations for care and how they shape the patient experience 

  • Learn the building blocks of the hybrid experience and its role in the future of healthcare 

  • Evaluate potential board-level priorities for advancing consumerism at the organizational level


Ryan Donohue

Moderator 1

Education Credits Available

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