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Post-Pandemic Pathway to Excellence in Person-Centered Care

Monday | September 20, 2021

8:45 AM

Before COVID, during COVID and in the aftermath of COVID, the core principles of person-centered care remain the same – an emphasis on compassion and caring community, creating opportunities for patient and family engagement and creating a supportive workplace culture where staff can thrive. But we can’t forge ahead with person-centered care implementation without considering the long-term impact of the pandemic experience on staff well-being and on how patients and families interact with the healthcare system. A post-pandemic pathway to person-centered excellence starts with an honest assessment of gains and gaps in person-centered care that the last year brought about. What adaptations to care did you introduce that will remain an important part of your person-centered future? What engagement practices eroded under the strain of COVID – and what will it take to course correct? From there, we will draw on lessons from the pandemic to chart a course for recovering, restoring and resetting person-centered care in your organization. 

  • Explain why healthcare crises expose the fragility of person-centered care progress 

  • Identify strategies for strengthening person-centered care foundations that can withstand these tests in the future

  • Demonstrate how the Person-Centered Care Certification® framework can help teams to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape


Sara Guastello

Moderator 1


Grand Ballroom A

Education Credits Available

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