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Human-Centered Leadership: Cultivating an Optimal Workplace Culture

Monday | September 20, 2021

8:45 AM

Augment traditional leadership techniques with a novel set of skills that leaders can use to cultivate outstanding workplace culture, trust, and thriving. This workshop will introduce a leadership approach that focuses on people’s emotional experience of work, and how to maximize positive contributions to both culture and organizational performance. Participants will practice leadership skills they can use immediately at work. 

  • Explore what human-centered leadership entails 

  • Discuss the impact of human-centered leadership on culture and organizational performance 

  • Practice human-centered leadership using real-world scenarios


William J. Maples, MD

Jennifer Krippner, Chief Experience Officer, The Institute for Healthcare Excellence

Dr. Kathryn Cziraky, WakeMed Health and Hospitals

Moderator 1


Skyline A/B

Education Credits Available

Supported by:

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence
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