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PTSD Case Studies: Supporting Patients by Offsetting Risk of Medical PTSD

Virtual Content begins September 23, 2021

Hear the account of three types of patients and their stories of medical PTSD, one acutely ill patient, one seriously injured patient, and one chronically ill patient. The impact it had on the healthcare they received as well as the long-term impact on their quality of life will be presented. Walk away with an understanding of how healthcare providers can assist and offset the risk of medical PTSD for patients. This presentation is intended for all healthcare providers who are interested in how more conscious communication can aid both themselves and their patients in the collaborative delivery of healthcare with minimal medical trauma. 

  • Learn how medical PTSD impacts patient ranging from newly diagnosed to long-term care 

  • Understand the category of ways medical PTSD can develop 

  • Discover opportunities for patients and providers to collaborate to alleviate symptoms of medical PTSD


Emily Parks

Moderator 1

Education Credits Available

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