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Purpose, Possibilities and People…. Bringing Passion and Joy to Life’s Experience

Monday | September 20, 2021

2:15 PM

This session will help participants understand the importance of resiliency and social connection to health and well-being. Seeing life through the lens of the patient beyond risk mitigation and boosting the capacity to adapt will help providers enhance not only the patient experience but also well-being. This novel framework for a more life-centric model of health will also introduce participants about how the vibrancy and vitality of aging and the correlation of attitude and connections to better health outcomes, lower utilization and healthcare costs (e.g., readmissions). The session will close with an examination of the science behind resiliency – the ability and attitude that ensures you can cope and adapt when life throws you a curveball. Attendees will review literature around optimism and positive perceptions of aging and learn about the three components that help inform the essence of resiliency. The session will examine how we can bring positivity to life, aging and healthcare, and do so with meaning that fosters social connections that can bring satisfaction across all dimensions of life. 

  • Understand the new view of aging as one of contribution and not decline; Healthy longevity as the norm and not the exception 

  • Examine a new forward-thinking model for fulfilling the promise of longevity beyond the typical social determinants: the Personal Determinants 

  • Rethink how we deliver healthcare through the eyes of the consumer with resiliency, purpose, optimism and social connection to drive better outcomes and lower costs


Charlotte Yeh, MD

Moderator 1


Grand Ballroom A

Education Credits Available

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