Uncovering the “Why” Behind Good and Bad Patient Experiences

Wednesday | September 22, 2021

11:10 AM

Learn how Cedars-Sinai improved patient experience in the Emergency Department and developed PX processes that could be rolled out across the organization. Instead of relying solely on CAHPS-based insights, they leveraged the flexibility of real-time engagement. Rotating initiatives allowed the team to understand which aspects of experience had the biggest impact, leading to small, targeted changes with significant results.

- Understand how to incorporate real-time engagement into existing processes
- Explain the key role of correlation analysis in understanding and confirming patient preferences
- Determine what specific aspects of experience are leading to good or bad feedback


Claude Stang, RN and Nurse Leader

Paul Jaglowski, Founding CEO & Chief Strategy Officer, Feedtrail, Inc.

Moderator 1



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