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Speaker Profile:

Ben Moor MD Headshot
Ben Moor, MD

Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist

Tufts Medical Center

Ben Moor is an Attending Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. He did his medical training in the UK and Boston. At the time of the pandemic, he was quietly working at Beth Israel hospital in Plymouth MA as the medical director of the Pain Management Center, splitting his time between pain and operating room anesthesia.

As the pandemic deepened, he had one of only three genuinely good ideas he has ever had. “I knew it was a good idea because I’ve had so few.” Normally relaxed and mild mannered, he will talk about how passion and anger drove him to change the way patients were cared for. His idea gathered momentum and was soon getting coverage from the Boston Globe, local TV, and radio, and eventually the likes of CNN and NBC. He will discuss how a jobbing, frontline doctor can effect immediate and profound change on a system which has lost its compassion.

During his career in academic medicine, he has published some papers, but it is unlikely he will be remembered for any of them. He is happy to discuss his other two good ideas in the bar afterwards.

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