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Speaker Profile:

Bob Baker headshot
Bob Baker, MD


Bob Baker is the author of The Performance of Medicine: Techniques From the Stage to Optimize the Patient Experience and Restore the Joy of Practicing Medicine.  He practiced internal medicine and gastroenterology for 35 years in Long Island. 

Dr. Baker practiced internal medicine and gastroenterology in Long Island, New York for 35 years. He attended Princeton University and got his MD from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He trained at Weil Cornell Medical Center and did his GI fellowship at Harvard’s Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. He has served as a Physician Master Facilitator for the Culture of CARE initiative of Northwell Health, one of the country’s largest health systems.

In addition to his current career as keynote speaker, he performs magic and ventriloquism at private events and fundraisers. In fact, Dr. Bob is the only Princeton-Columbia-Cornell-Harvard—trained physician to have appeared on America’s Got Talent.

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