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Speaker Profile:

Camille Burnett headshot
Camille Burnett, PhD, MPA, APHN-BC, BScN, RN, DSW, FAAN, CGNC

Vice President, Health Equity

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Camille Burnett, PhD, MPA, APHN-BC, BScN, RN, DSW, FAAN, CGNC, Vice President, Health Equity, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), has extensive professional health care experience within the US and Canada in the areas of public health, health equity, research and administration, academia, and as an independent consultant. Her experience includes clinical practice and provincial public health administrator leadership positions in Canada, as well as academic administrator leadership positions in the US. Prior to joining IHI, she served as Associate Vice President, Education and Health Equity, at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), where she had appointments as a tenured Professor at VCU School of Nursing, Associate Executive Director of the Institute for Inclusion, Inquiry, and Innovation, and is an affiliate with VCU Institute for Women’s Health, School of Medicine. Previously Dr. Burnett was at the University of Kentucky, where she was Assistant Dean for Equity, Outreach and Social Justice, Associate Professor in the College of Nursing, the Cralle-Day Endowed Professor in the Center for Research on Violence Against Women, and Co-Director for Integrated Special Populations in the Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences. Prior to this while at the University of Virginia, her roles included Academic Director for Community Engagement and Partnerships, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing, and co-founder of the University of Virginia Equity Center. Dr. Burnett has served on numerous boards with appointments locally, nationally, and internationally. Her program of research amplifies structural inequities that influence disparate outcomes to identify solutions that drive structural justice to redress inequity. She is a registered nurse, a certified Global Nurse Consultant, a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, and a member of both the American Nursing Association and the American Public Health Association.

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