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Speaker Profile:

Christa Peters headshot
Christa Peters

Collaboration Director

NRC Health

With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Christa is responsible for driving the collaborative functions of the NRC Health customer community. Christa joined NRC Health in 2018 to help NRC’s premier partners build loyalty by delivering exceptional customer service through connection and validation of their goals and strategic direction. Christa spent several years at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana starting as an inpatient case manager and holding multiple roles including Inpatient Program Director where she led an interdisciplinary acute rehabilitation team. Christa’s career includes working with St Vincent Health, where she served as the Executive Director of the Office of Patient Experience. Christa has a passion for facilitation and engaging with others who are passionate about the healthcare experience.

Christa is an avid reader, loves golf, jigsaw puzzles, building Legos with her 4 year old son, safari animals, and anything with an element of competition!

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