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Danie Turpin headshot
Danie Turpin, MA, CPXP

Director of Performance Improvement

Providence Medical Center

Danie Turpin, CPXP, Director of Total Performance and Quality Improvement

An advocate by nature, I have always been drawn to helping others.  Being well acquainted with suffering, the draw to improve others’ experiences as a patient (which in Latin means ‘one who suffers’) seemed a natural partnership.  A calling of sorts.  

Drawing from my own life-changing experiences with healthcare, I learned early on how powerful healthcare givers are both in the positive and the negative based on the system they deliver care in.  When systems are designed to deliver loving care, every person is impacted positively (patients, families, and healthcare team members).  The challenge is helping systems understand their need for change and their willingness to embrace change.  This challenge is what keeps me showing up.

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