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Speaker Profile:

Danielle Hartigan headshot
Danielle Blanch Hartigan, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor

Bentley University

Danielle Blanch Hartigan, PhD, MPH is an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences at Bentley University in Waltham, MA.  Her interdisciplinary research in psychology and public health aims to improve the patient and clinician experience and foster patient-centered care through better communication. She studies how patients and clinicians use verbal and nonverbal behavior to form impressions and how these perceptions influence clinical interactions. 

Dr. Blanch Hartigan has a PhD in social psychology from Northeastern University, a Master of Public Health from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, and was a Cancer Prevention Fellow in the Behavioral Research Program and Office of Cancer Survivorship at the National Cancer Institute. 

At Bentley University, Dr. Blanch Hartigan directs Bentley’s Health Thought Leadership Network, a collaborative network of Bentley faculty and external stakeholders advancing healthcare research and teaching at the intersection of business and the arts and sciences.  Dr. Blanch Hartigan's work has been presented at over 100 national and international conferences in behavioral medicine, psychology, and healthcare communication. She has given workshops and presentations on clinical communication for academic institutions, hospital systems, and Fortune 100 healthcare companies. In 2020, she was named as one of the 40 Under 40 in Cancer. 

Dr. Blanch Hartigan has published over 60 articles in peer-reviewed journals across psychology, health communication, and medicine.

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