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Speaker Profile:

Denise Wiseman headshot
Denise Wiseman, PhD, MBA, CPXP

Founder and President

The PX Community

As a social entrepreneur, Denise founded The PX Community in 2021.  The PX Community (PXC) seeks to disrupt how the industry supports Patient Experience and other healthcare professionals in their efforts to improve the experience of care for patients by removing barriers to needed thought leadership and resources.  PXC fosters a rich culture of support, connection, and innovation.

Denise Wiseman’s career in healthcare began in a critical access hospital in Washington state and expanded to serve organizations large and small across the US.  After working in non-profit and for-profit healthcare, including the last decade in patient experience,  Denise seeks to Make a Ruckus That Makes a Difference in healthcare.  

She brings her varied experience, passion for serving frontline leaders and employees, and entrepreneurial spirit to every conversation.  Denise encourages those she works with to think differently, synergistically collaborate, and develop relationships and connections beyond their organizations and profession.  And, of course: make a ruckus!

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