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Speaker Profile:

Doug Lindsay headshot
Doug Lindsay

Personal Medical Consultant

The Lindsay Group

Doug Lindsay’s remarkable health odyssey from bedbound, disabled college dropout to a one-of-

a-kind Medical MacGyver has been covered by CNN, PEOPLE Magazine, the BBC, the

Guardian, Dr. Oz, and others.

Doug got sick at 21 and spent 11 years homebound and bedbound. When no doctors could tell

him what was wrong or what would help, he chose to become the lead researcher into his own

condition. Working from the hospital bed in his living room, Doug was able to figure out what

was wrong, develop novel treatments to keep his condition at bay, and eventually develop the

innovative surgery used to fix his rare autonomic-adrenal condition. During his 14 years spent

as a patient-researcher, Doug developed new uses for five existing prescription drugs, won a

national first court case protecting patients’ rights, and worked with 35 senior faculty at 28


Once well, Doug completed his degree. He’s a standing ovation TEDx speaker, a featured

speaker at Stanford Medicine X, and a keynote speaker who addresses corporate and

conference audiences to rave reviews.

Doug Lindsay is a private, for-hire Personal Medical Consultant that helps a small number of rare

disease and complex condition patients each year to get help in the medical system. He is Co-

Chair of PCORI’s Congressionally-mandated Rare Disease Advisory Panel, Co-Chair of a board at

Washington University School of Medicine, and was an adviser to the NIH’s ACTIV-1 IM

international COVID therapeutics research study. Doug is the subject of an upcoming

documentary and has been in talks on a film covering his life and work.

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