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Speaker Profile:

Frank Cutitta headshot
Frank Cutitta

Senior Advisor

ICD Healthcare Network

Frank Cutitta serves as Senior Advisor to the ICD Healthcare Network.  He comes to this position having served as CEO and Founder of HealthTech Decisions Lab, a consultancy specializing in the personas and neuroscience of healthcare technology purchases. Prior to launching this practice, he worked as Senior Director of Content Analytics and founder of HIMSS Media Lab after serving on the HIMSS Worldwide Board and HIMSS Media Board for 7 years. HIMSS is the world’s largest trade association serving the healthcare information technology sector. He has been recognized by FOLIO as one of the media industry’s top 40 innovators and influencers. Among other areas, he currently specializes in the neuroscience and emotion of healthcare technology buyer personas around the world, and the need for prescriptive content to throw “data exhaust”, in an effort to avoid “random acts of content”. In this capacity, his Media Lab team produced over 300 pieces of custom, research-based content a year and dozens of global sales enablement courses for the world’s leading healthcare technology companies. His 100-day hospitalization with COVID has led him to be a leading subject matter expert, advocate and advisor to providers on patient engagement, distributed workforce, institutionalized loneliness and empathic technologies and strategies. 

He now serves as a COVID recovery advocate while co-chairing the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Network Patient & Family Advisory Council. His specialization areas have grown to include empathic technologies and artificial emotional intelligence.


Workshop - Monday, September 19, 2022 | 8:30 am - 10:00am
The Complexities of the Cross-Cultural Aspects of the Patient Experience
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