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Speaker Profile:

Jonathan Ericson headshot
Jonathan D. Ericson

Assistant Professor

Bentley University

Jon is an Assistant Professor at Bentley University where he directs the Immersphere, a virtual reality research lab, and teaches graduate courses in Bentley’s M.S. in Human Factors in Information Design (HFID) program and undergraduate courses in the Information Design & Corporate Communication (IDCC) program. Jon earned his Ph.D. in cognitive science from Brown University, and has held a variety of industry positions as a product design leader and consultant. As a professional designer, Jon’s work has earned a mention in Forbes, driven investments, supported a successful startup acquisition, and garnered multiple industry awards. As an educator, Jon teaches a variety of courses focused on design and data visualization. He draws upon both his academic and industry experience to teach both graduate and undergraduate students how to design effective products, services, and environments.

As a researcher, Jon employs emerging technologies to study a broad range of topics in human-computer interaction (HCI) and experience design (XD). He has worked with virtual reality (VR) for nearly 15 years, and has published his research in journals including Cognition, Environment & Planning, and the International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction. Jon’s research interests include healthcare communication, data visualization, and environmental design. He serves as an editorial board member, associate guest editor, and reviewer for journals and conferences across a variety of fields, and has presented his professional and academic work at universities, conferences, and corporate events.

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