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Speaker Profile:

Michael Lennon headshot
Michael Jack Lennon, MBA

Executive Director, IROC and lifelong kidney patient

Through living with kidney disease for 30+ years, Jack is a life-long kidney patient. He is a three-time kidney transplant recipient, with experience on hemo- and peritoneal dialysis.

As a grateful patient, Jack has aligned his personal drive and professional career to drive advancement in care for children with kidney disease. 

Jack serves as the Executive Director of the Improving Renal Outcomes Collaborative (IROC), a network-based learning health system patients and caregivers, clinicians, and researchers from many of the most advanced pediatric nephrology programs in the United States. The stakeholders across the network partner to solve difficult problems for children with kidney disease by sharing best practices and data regarding medical care and health outcomes, and then applying quality improvement methodologies to improve those outcomes.

Jack also utilizes his perspective as a patient advocate, raising awareness of the unique needs and challenges in providing care for children with kidney disease. Nationally, he has shared his insight with representatives the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Jack also serves on the Patient & Family Partnership Council of Kidney Health Initiative (KHI). KHI is a public-private partnership between the American Society of Nephrology and the FDA with the mission to catalyze innovation and the development of safe and effective patient-centered therapies for people living with kidney diseases.

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