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Speaker Profile:

Sara Guastello headshot
Sara Guastello

Senior Vice President

Planetree International

Sara Guastello is a Senior Vice President with Planetree International, a not-for-profit person-centered care advocacy, education and standard setting organization. Since joining Planetree in 2004, her work has largely concentrated on the quality of human interactions within healthcare settings, the importance of connecting healthcare personnel to the purpose of their work, and practical strategies for patient and family engagement. In her role heading up the Division of Person-Centered Care Standards, Sara leads the Person-Centered Care Certification Program, recognized internationally as the gold standard in person-centered care. Sara is also a frequent writer, speaker and invited subject matter expert on person-centered care. Most recently, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, she co-authored the Guidelines for Preserving Family Presence in Challenging Times and the Family Presence Policy Decision-Making Toolkit, both of which have been endorsed by more than 50 organizations around the world.

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