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Speaker Profile:

Toni Land headshot
Toni Land, MBA, BSN, CPXP

Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Landing Exceptional Experiences

Toni Land is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer for Landing Exceptional Experiences. She has been a nurse for almost 35 years and is honored to serve and impact many areas of patient, family, and team member experiences. She is a diploma graduate and has her Bachelor’s in Nursing, Master’s in Business Administration, and is a Certified Patient Experience Professional through the Beryl Institute.

Toni’s mission is to bring her passion, knowledge, and experience to

organizations to create a culture of excellence that inspires, elevates, and supports the healthcare journey. She focuses on creating an environment where exceptional experiences are the norm and everyone can "be their best selves". 

She values the power of collaboration, respect, and trust. Toni believes it is time to put the patient first in healthcare, no matter what their role: patient, family member, or team member. It takes a village and together we can create a healthcare experience that improves patient experience and

quality metrics, increases market share, and positively impacts the bottom line.

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