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Speaker Profile:

William J. Maples headshot
William J. Maples, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence

Dr. Maples earned his undergraduate, Masters in Oncology, and medical degrees at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  He completed his residency and fellowship in Medical Oncology at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine.


Dr. Maples practiced Medical Oncology for 25 years at Mayo Clinic and helped lead the Mayo Clinic quality, safety, and experience journey. He then served as Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer at Mission Health in Asheville, North Carolina where he helped Mission Health navigate cultural transformation and become a leading healthcare organization recognized for its impeccable quality and safety. 


Dr. Maples more recently served as Chief Medical Officer of Professional Research Consultants, Inc.  Dr. Maples is an Associate Professor Emeritus of Oncology at the Mayo College of Medicine and a Clinical Professor at Brooks College of Health at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville.

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