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As the only organization completely focused on advancing telehealth, ATA is working to change the way the world thinks about healthcare. We are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to safe, effective, and appropriate care when and where they need it, and that providers can do more good for more people. We represent a broad and inclusive member network of technology solution providers, healthcare delivery systems, and payers, as well as partner organizations and alliances. Together, we are working to advance industry adoption of telehealth, promote responsible policy, advocate for government and market normalization, and provide education and resources to help integrate virtual care into emerging value-based delivery models.

Qualtrics helps healthcare and life sciences organizations design experiences that improve satisfaction, loyalty and trust. Qualtrics helps organizations deliver a seamless and compassionate healthcare experience by optimizing the moments that matter most to patients, employees and communities. Qualtrics delivers the most comprehensive platform for strategic experience management, helping healthcare organizations listen to patients and employees on their terms, uncover what matters most and act quickly to create meaningful impact. The AI-powered solutions also help leaders understand the key drivers of patient, staff and member behavior, predict what patients want and automate actions that make it faster, easier and more efficient to personalize experiences at scale. Qualtrics is a CMS-approved vendor for all required CAHPS programs, and the only HITRUST-certified and FEDRAMP-compliant experience management platform on the market, so organizations can confidently collect and analyze data knowing sensitive information is secure.

Interactions provides Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) that seamlessly assimilate Conversational AI and human understanding to enable hospitals and health systems to engage with their patients in highly productive and satisfying conversations, extending the possibilities of self-service. Interactions IVA for Healthcare empowers patients to self-schedule appointments and more, eliminating wait times and frustration while reducing operating expenses all while remaining secure and compliant. For more information, visit

The drive for digitalization improves workflow efficiency, enhances the accuracy of communications, mitigates risk and upgrades patient experience. 

However, some aspects of patient/clinician communication in hospitals still relies on manually updated whiteboards and door information cards, increasing the workload of nurses and clinicians, and increasing the risk of errors, or outdated information. 

There is a new solution coming to market in the United States that allows hospitals to bring digital signage into the 21st century, without taking a step back with light pollution: Signs made with E Ink Digital Paper instead of typical TV screen LCD technology. Unlike LCD, screens made with digital paper do not emit light, allowing patients to have uninterrupted sleep.

Serving hospitals and healthcare systems, academic medical centers, and pediatric hospitals worldwide, Oneview Healthcare provides care experience platform consisting of a unified set of digital tools in a single bedside solution.  Oneview’s bedside platform connects patients, families and care teams with services, education, and information during hospital stays. Fully automated, integrated, and personalized, hospitals using Oneview impact safe and timely discharges while streamlining nursing workflows.

Designed with inputs from hospitals from clinical and IT leaders to patients and families, the Oneview Care Experience Platform is purpose built to ensure a better patient and staff experience.  Oneview helps deliver more control for patients and families, more time for care teams, and less complexity for executives and IT teams. Oneview is proud to partner with leading healthcare systems in the US, Australia, the Middle East and Asia.

Surfacide UV-C technology is trusted by 500+ hospitals worldwide. Located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Surfacide produces Helios®, the only patented, UV-C disinfection solution to use multiple light-emitting robots in a single cycle. Surfacide will be introducing our newly released results-proven program, GLO PX, which guarantees increases in your facility’s HCAHPs scores and patient loyalty. Our innovative subscription program came from months of trialing to ensure that it is authenticated, and data-driven. The program is led by a team of experts that will design a specific program for you and bring in UVC technology that has been proven to increase the patient's satisfaction through increases in HCAHPs scores. Taking just minutes, it is quick and easy, and it will give your facility the best return on investment. Visit our table to find out more!

The new Q-Reviews platform helps healthcare organizations to increase patient and member engagement throughout their care journey. With a suite of digital solutions, providers and payers can deliver a digital experience with safer, empathetic, and actionable instructions:

Q Reach- Expand Digital Front Door Efforts and Patient Activation
Q Notify- Automate Outreach Ahead of Visits and Procedures
Q Rounding- Listen in Real-Time While Patients are in Your Care
Q Connect- Reduce Readmissions and ED Utilization with Care Pathway Adherence
Q @ Home- Effectively Manage Patients at Home with Deviceless RPM

Additionally, we are focused on empowering our healthcare workforce. Our Q Employee solution helps regularly engage with staff to allow them to practice at top of license and reduce burnout.

The Medcalm Network is an innovative wellness relaxation video provider dedicated to improving the hospital environment for patients and their families. Our programs calm, inform and enhance the patient experience. We have over one hundred choices appropriate for adults and children of all ages.

The Clinical Effectiveness solutions from Wolters Kluwer help healthcare organizations and professionals harmonize care and reduce unwanted variability by aligning decisions. Care teams in over 180 countries make evidence-based decisions with Lexicomp®, Medi-Span®, and UpToDate® in their workflow, and empower patients to participate in their care with Emmi® programs

Comprised of innovators in healthcare, mobile technology, engineering, and computing, Gozio’s leadership team offers exceptional technical expertise combined with a user-centered design to deliver a superior indoor positioning platform.  By keeping their focus on the customer, Gozio creates effective solutions to people’s real world problems.

Vibe Health is the trusted platform to leading hospitals and health systems seeking to modernize the care experience for patients, families, and clinicians. Using smart room technology, the software platform streamlines clinical workflow and transforms the patient room into a highly personalized and interactive care environment. The platform integrates with the hospital’s EMR and other installed technologies to improve communication and care coordination, ensuring that accurate, real-time information is always accessible via the in-room Smart TV, digital whiteboard, digital door sign, and bedside tablet. With automated service requests, education assignments, and documentation, Vibe Health reduces the technology burden on clinicians and enables them to operate at the top of their licensure. Vibe Health empowers hospital leaders to meet the unique needs of their patient population with customizable features, including in-room surveys and video chat, which serve to amplify the voice of the patient and make real-time service recovery a reality. Find out why top-ranked hospitals are choosing Vibe Health by eVideon:

Athelas Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) allows healthcare providers to monitor patient vitals like blood pressure, weight, and blood glucose from the comfort of the patient’s home, improving patient health and engagement while generating new revenue. Our dedicated nursing team monitors all incoming patient vitals, escalating to your clinicians when necessary, and all billing/reconciliation is handled by our in-house billing team, so there’s minimal work for you and your staff.

With the industry’s #1 enterprise experience management platform, Medallia provides healthcare clinicians with technology to connect and engage patients and employees to drive better, personalized experiences that strengthen relationships, build trust, and foster loyalty. Medallia captures experience signals created on daily journeys in person, on calls and digital channels, over video, social media and IoT interactions and applies proprietary AI technology to reveal personalized and predictive insights that can drive action with tremendous business results.

Empathy is undergoing an evolution. In a global and interconnected culture, empathy and compassion must be extended to people of all backgrounds and identities, including patients, our colleagues and the communities we serve. The human capacity for empathy is vast but is also subject to change. Empathetics was founded with a mission to expand empathy and compassion by teaching individuals and teams how to understand, appreciate and respond to the perspectives and emotions of others.

As we have learned from extensive research, the capacity for empathy is not merely an innate trait—it is also a skill that can be learned and expanded. Empathetics offers evidence-based educational tools and skills to build both individual and team empathic capacities to create authentic emotional connection with others in every healthcare encounter and beyond.

Giving voice to our patients and our providers, the Journal of Patient Experience (JPX) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal which focuses on presenting advances and applications that impact the patient experience. View full journal description

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