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Using A.I., Consumer Metrics, Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning to predict potential patient problems and deploy human capital in real-time to address issues before they occur.

Compass One Healthcare

Compass One Healthcare - a synergistic union of Best in Class Specialists. Each one of our specialized Compass One services will take you further. But combining any of our 9 services will take you further, faster. Better performance. Better results. Better experiences.


As a boutique, minority-owned experience design company, MOFI makes your Experience Ecosystem™ your biggest competitive advantage using a heart-focused, human-first approach. We partner with organizations to increase engagement, loyalty, and revenue year after year through assessment, alignment, co-design, and implementation.

NRC Health

NRC Health helps our partners know each person they serve—behaviors, preferences, wants, and needs—not as point-in-time insights, but as an ongoing relationship. And that is the purpose of NRC Health: Human Understanding—enabling healthcare organizations to understand what matters most to each person they serve, and ease their journey.

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CipherHealth’s patient engagement platform enables healthcare providers to deliver better patient outcomes and experiences across the care journey. Since 2009, we have built a world-class team and partnered with the top health systems to continuously innovate at the forefront of patient-centric care.

E ink

The drive for digitalization improves workflow efficiency, enhances the accuracy of communications, mitigates risk and upgrades patient experience. 

However, some aspects of patient/clinician communication in hospitals still relies on manually updated whiteboards and door information cards, increasing the workload of nurses and clinicians, and increasing the risk of errors, or outdated information. 

There is a new solution coming to market in the United States that allows hospitals to bring digital signage into the 21st century, without taking a step back with light pollution: Signs made with E Ink Digital Paper instead of typical TV screen LCD technology. Unlike LCD, screens made with digital paper do not emit light, allowing patients to have uninterrupted sleep.

Feedtrail XM

With Feedtrail XM, healthcare organizations can learn and deliver what matters most to patients, providers, caregivers, and employees. Our secure, cloud-based experience management (XM) solutions and advanced data analytics enable customer experience teams to engage and connect with the right people at the right time, uncover prescriptive insights, and take purposeful action to drive continuous improvement and measurable results across the lifecycle of care. Over 70 innovative health systems across 4,000 sites in 14 countries already use Feedtrail to uncover explicit opportunities to improve human-centered care and advance better outcomes for people and the business of healthcare.

Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE)

The Institute for Healthcare Excellence (IHE) is a physician-led organization taking action to instill humanity into the practice of medicine. IHE exists because there is a fundamental disconnect in healthcare between what we aspire to and what we deliver. We work together with healthcare organizations of all sizes to build cultures that embrace the joy, the idealism and the purpose that originally called its caregivers to the profession.


Years of experience in healthcare, enterprise, higher education, and government, have taught us that our customers need more than technology to achieve their goals. They need a reliable partner. As a managed service, Parlance offers not only industry-leading technology, but a team of tenured experts who make your system work, take ownership of day-to-day performance, and guarantee ROI.

Quality Reviews

Quality Reviews® is an industry leader in creating software that helps healthcare organizations measure and improve the patient experience. The reason? Our team has the clinical, business, and technical experience — not to mention the passion — needed to understand healthcare providers’ challenges and build products that solve them.

Silver Level Sponsors

HealthTalk A.I.

HealthTalk A.I. was formed to change the way patients and healthcare organizations connect. Through A.I.-assisted patient engagement, we direct patients to the right clinician, at the right time. We measure patient satisfaction at the provider level and enable organizations to quickly identify and intervene with at-risk patients at scale. Improve operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and brand quality with HealthTalk.


Klara is a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform that makes it easy for healthcare providers to communicate with their patients and with each other. It saves practices and pharmacies hours per day, and automatically documents all their communications in a single place — all while giving patients a convenient, delightful experience.


MediFind helps you connect to the best care. We use the power of big data to connect patients with the right doctors and treatments faster. We are constantly analyzing every new piece of medical information for nearly every health condition from around the globe to identify what you need to make the most informed treatment decisions possible. Then we simplify that information so you can actually use it.

Tier1 Healthcare

TiER1 Healthcare consultants help hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations improve performance from within. As part of TiER1 Performance, we partner with healthcare executives who want to be better and do better. We identify obstacles (like risks to patient safety or extended lengths of stay), and then we overcome them. We start where our clients need us with the data they have on hand, using tried-and-true solutions for achieving operational excellence and patient safety.

Value Institute for Health and Care

In 2017, UT Dell Medical School and the McCombs School of Business created the Value Institute for Health and Care to accelerate the transformation high value care. The institute has developed a transformation platform including executive education courses, leadership networks, a global conference, and a 1-year, online Master of Science in Health Care Transformation, all designed to accelerate value-based transformations.

Vecna Patient Solutions

Vecna is a leading provider of digital intake technologies designed to streamline the critical time from scheduling an appointment to receiving care. Vecna partners with acute and ambulatory health systems to modernize intake processes to reduce administrative burden, improve revenue cycle management and deliver safe, convenient intake experiences for patients. Patients can complete pre-registration and check-in tasks including updating demographics, digital form signature, insurance eligibility checks, bill payments and viewing cost estimates, from any device, from any location. HealthPass mobile app empowers patients to manage care on the go while VGo Robot Concierge provides virtual, yet personal patient registration onsite.

Western Governors University

WGU's College of Health Professions offers accredited online bachelor's and master's degrees.  As one of the leading sources of health professional graduates, WGU works with hospital networks, state and local associations, medical innovators, and others to ensure that the education provided supports the best in the science of care. By partnering with health professionals at all levels, WGU is not only a leader in health education but a trusted voice of the health industry, bringing continual improvement of patient outcomes through improved care.


eVideon provides patient experience and engagement solutions for hospitals with a comprehensive platform comprised of interactive TVs, digital whiteboards, interactive signage displays, and much more. Patients enjoy the convenience of self-service at the bedside with access to personalized education, entertainment, and hospital services, while staff enjoy streamlined, paperless workflows. Interactive surveys and prompts for patient feedback empower patients to use their voice, enabling hospitals to respond before dissatisfiers turn into HCAHPS issues. The platform leverages integrations with the hospital’s EHR, along with other technologies to provide a streamlined, digital care experience. Data analytics provide valuable insights into patient behaviors and pain points, letting hospitals improve service and outcomes in real-time. Learn more at


FeedbackNow is a real-time, comprehensive Patient Experience solution that helps you measure, analyze, and improve on patient experience feedback, across physical and digital touchpoints

BVA Nudge Unit

BVA Nudge Unit is a global consultancy that combines behavioral science and sector expertise to drive successful behavior change, build enduring capabilities, and deliver measurable results. Healthcare challenges they tackle include health communication, changing habits, improving medication adherence, optimizing physical layouts of healthcare settings, management challenges, and more. If there are humans involved, then there is likely a behavioral science solution!

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