Sept. 30 - Oct. 2

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

10:00am  Survive and Thrive in the Era of COVID-19: The Human Care Strategy

Hassan A. Tetteh, MD, MBA, FACS, FACHE, Captain, Medical Corps, United States Navy; Health Mission Chief Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) Department of Defense

Burnout in healthcare is rising, (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic) and the impact on healthcare organizations is significant. Human Care is the antidote to burnout and, in fact, is very tailored to the audience. It's a foundational learning and team building resource, designed to help individuals develop a better understanding of their purpose in healthcare. The program takes the audience on a journey of discovery, informed by real life cases, and provides greater awareness and depth of understanding of their own individual professional challenges – and delivers practical tools to overcome those challenges, and gain a better presence of mind and state of being - whether they are nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, surgeons, administrators, or senior hospital leaders.

Human Care embodies three key elements of purpose, personalization, and partnerships. Through a unique, engaging, and entertaining delivery each element of human care: purpose, personalization, and partnership are revealed so the audience achieves six insights on how to:

1. Revive your “Healing Passion”

2. Realize your “Healing Power”

3. Discover your “Patient’s Present”

4. Maximize your “Patient Encounters”

5. Leverage your “Team Dream”

6. Shape your “Professional Horizon”

For everyone involved in the continuum of care, there is an inherent opportunity to find purpose in the activity of restoring health. The Human Care Strategy engenders a deeper understanding of one’s purpose, provides instruction on personalized care, and delivers tools for the audience to leverage the “power of the visit” and maximize patient encounters to develop a partnership that fundamentally improves patient care.

  • Discover the antidote for burnout. Achieve a new perspective on what it means to heal and a formula that delivers a new level of healing

  • Learn a framework for better understanding the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn to apply practical tools to survive, evolve, and thrive during the current crisis

  • Apply the ideal model for providing effective care. Recognize a hidden, life-changing power and create a passion to make healthcare great again

11:15am  Creating a Culture of Excellence, Thriving, and Performance in a Time of Transformation

William J. Maples, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer
Read G. Pierce, MD, Senior Consultant
The Institute for Healthcare Excellence
Learn about the missing link in most organizational change efforts targeting quality, safety, experience, and burnout. The session will address the connection between burnout, culture transformation, and providing the skills necessary for care team members to achieve sustainable excellence in healthcare. This session will address how a focus on culture and thriving can impact the majority of key organizational metrics.

  • Explore the rationale for changing the conversation from one focused on burnout and change initiatives to one focused on thriving and sustainable performance
  • Discuss approaches that lead to sustainable change toward a work environment that enhances clinical team performance, professional wellbeing, and a culture of excellence
  • Review outcomes on key performance indicators that organizations experience when using these approaches to create a culture of excellence, thriving, and performance

11:55am  How to Create a ‘Consumer-Obsessed’ Healthcare System

Zeev Neuwirth, MD, Chief of Clinical Transformation at Atrium Health;Author of Reframing Healthcare, Podcast Producer & Host of Creating a New Healthcare

We are in an existential moment in healthcare delivery. It’s clear that, in the ‘experience economy’ that is already here, customers & consumers of healthcare are demanding far more than basic good service, efficiency or incremental improvement. Thriving in the future healthcare market will require a radically different consumer-obsessed mindset. It will require providers to transform their clinical and business models in bold and unprecedented ways. In this session, Dr. Neuwirth will: (1) demonstrate the tsunami of consumer-driven forces at play in healthcare; (2) provide a reliable and replicable roadmap for reframing and reorganizing healthcare delivery; and (3) share examples of healthcare organizations that are manifesting this mindset of ‘consumer-obsession’.

  • Come away with a clear picture of how consumerism is the ‘new patient experience’ and is manifesting itself the major driving force in the healthcare delivery market
  • Understand how the new entrants in healthcare delivery are literally transforming the healthcare landscape by introducing their far more sophisticated understanding and capabilities in consumerism
  • Discover how legacy organizations can thrive in the future of healthcare delivery by redefining, redesigning and reorganizing themselves as consumer-obsessed brands

1:25pm  We are Not Good at Death

Janae Sharp, Founder, The Sharp Index Janae Sharp will share her story and how she has transformed tragedy into a mission. How do we identify when there is a problem and what should we do when we know? With all of the talk around the various statistics associated with physician burnout, we must remember that behind the numbers are people who have been affected by this crisis.

  • Learn the Power of Storytelling in healing and trauma
  • Personalize the loss of physician burnout and suicide
  • Identify data science tools that can mitigate physician burnout

2:15pm  Being Authentic in a World Filled with Chaos

You didn’t get into the world of patient experience to sit in meetings all day and navigate hospital politics, right? It’s time to center ourselves to reclaim the “why” behind our work and to double down on the bigger picture of changing health care, even when we have people who actively work against us. Changing the patient experience begins with us taking care of ourselves, forming a league of disruptors, and seeing through the nonsense so we can change people’s lives.
  • Explore strategies for self-care in the world of Healthcare
  • Develop a plan to realign your purpose with your work
  • Engage with co-workers, advocates and champions to push the status quo

3:30pm  Listening Differently: Rethinking the How, When, and Why of Patient Feedback

Alan Dubovsky, Chief Patient Experience Officer, Cedars-Sinai Paul Jaglowski, CEO, FeedTrail Sponsored by FeedTrail Cedars-Sinai, like most organizations, uses a broad-brush, care-setting-specific survey to gather patient feedback. As such, all patients in a care setting receive the same survey, at the same time, irrespective of his or her unique healthcare journey. This has become an unfortunate status quo across the healthcare landscape and this approach is both expensive and less than ideally effective in gaining meaningful insights from our patients. In a strict departure from the status quo, we set out to design a new, patient-friendly, and cost-effective process of where, how, and when we collect feedback from our patients. We have now begun to revolutionize our entire approach to patient surveying. By delivering the right surveys, with the right questions, to the right patients, at the right time, we aim to change the patient feedback landscape to allow a significantly easier way for patients to share their thoughts with us, in a way that is easier for our team members and our clinicians to take action.

  • Reimagine patient feedback surveys and learn what matters most to each patient by personalizing the questions
  • Learn how to best design the right questions, for the right patients, at the right time
  • Discover how to engage patients, advisors, leaders, and team members in a patient feedback redesign process

4:20pm Building an Exceptional Patient Experience In a COVID Field 7 days

Gigi Fergus, MBA, BSN, RN, Memorable Care

Providing exceptional patient experience can be difficult in the best of times – what if you only have seven days to create the facility and the experience? Furthermore, how do you create an amazing patient experience with 350+ staff who have never worked with each other before (including the C-suite) in a COVID19+ Field facility?

  • Understand the strategy used to create the patient experience outcomes
  • Discover the available activities used to engage staff in the patient experience
  • Gain a new appreciation of patient experience issues in a COVID19+ environment

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